Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm back!

Wow, I haven't checked this thing in over a year! Anyone still out there? Life got hectic and blogging sort of got thrown by the wayside. At the moment it is very late, I have a sick baby and husband sleeping downstairs in the recliner, and my comfy bed is beckoning me. But I just thought I would throw it out there that YES! I am still alive! I made it through one more pregnancy and childbirth. I have a beautiful baby boy in addition to my beautiful little girl. I am one year older, and hopefully wiser. My brother has moved back home and I am thrilled! I love to write but do not have much time because of the daily must-do's. However, this last year has given me A LOT of writing material! So maybe sometime soon I will get a chance to blabber to you all once again about my boring, yet sometimes slightly funny life.


  1. Hi! Welcome back and congratulations on your baby! Glad to hear the good news about your brother as well.

  2. OH MY WHERE IN THE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! OK I read up there...yay! Glad you're back and the baby is here!

    Tell your sis hello, you both have been missed...

    Sorry I blogged so much; it will take you 8 billion years to catch up. ;)