Monday, February 2, 2009

Basket Case

Where exactly does the term "basket case" come from? Between dealing with the extreme fatigue that comes with early pregnancy and the emotional rollercoaster, my husband already needs a break from me. I am honestly trying sooooooo hard to not be moody and irrational, but that kind of flies out the window when everything makes you want to cry or scream. Tell me what you think, am I being irrational, or was my anger completely rational?

So I'm sprawled out on the recliner just trying to pry my eyes open, the tiredness is beyond belief! It's the weekend so my husband and daughter are home un-doing everything that I've done, which took me five times as long to do it in the first place. The kitchen looks like a tornado passed through, the floor in my daughter's room is no longer visible because she has strewn every toy she has all over, the cats are crying at the door because they are starving and no one has noticed, I'm sick to my stomach but STARVING at the same time. So Jack puts a lasagna into the oven like a nice husband and decides to drive up to my parent's house and borrow a movie for me. He drives down our driveway but does not continue down the road, he turns into our neighbor's driveway to return some mail of his that we got by mistake. So I'm thinking to myself, don't freak out, he will only be there for a minute, then he'll go get the movie and be back to give me a break. Then I realize, what the heck am I thinking?!!! I know Jack, if he comes in contact with any other human, then without fail a long drawn out conversation always ensues, then I might as well just pull the covers up over my head and wait until he comes back tomorrow. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm just stewing and seething inside. I need him here, I need a break from doing dishes, wiping butts, picking up toys, making snacks that leave me sick to my stomach, letting the cats in, putting the cats out, temper tantrums, etc. So I wait.

Now my blood is boiling. His car is STILL there and it has been almost an HOUR! I text message him: U R dead! After I push the send button I hear from the kitchen "message received". He left his phone! I take the food out of the oven, which I'm not sure I can even eat at this point. My daughter has put herself to bed at 6:00 because she was so hungry and tired, which is not good because that means she will wake up after a while and then be up really late. Finally his car drives away and I'm just wondering how I am going to keep it together and under control when he gets home. I'm not exactly rational in my "condition". When he finally returned, it was not pretty. But I got it all out so I felt slightly better....until I heard the words "Just calm down, you are irrational because you are pregnant, I understand. But it wasn't my fault, our neighbor talks a lot!". It got even uglier, then the tears started. Ah, the many joys of pregnancy! I still vow to try my hardest to be nice and fair to everyone, so you don't have to take cover CC...yet.


  1. Oh yeah...I remember these days...

    Living on coke (the soda) and lemons for weeks, crying, house a disaster, feeling like a worthless mom to my son, emotions running rampant like rabid zombie monsters...

    Make sure you send hubby out from now on with EXPLICIT directions, with several threats of horrifying ramifications if he but runs askew from the tiniest of details...try crying even as you delegate, this will help more.

    Then, if that doesn't work, start crying uncontrollably and mumble specific words like "breakdown" "end of the world" and "sleeping on the couch FOREVER"

    At least this should all calm down once the first trimester is over!

  2. That sounds like the worst ever case scenerio of PMS. Since I never had kids I can only think in those terms how bad you must feel & probably not even know then. I hope it gets better soon for you soon.

  3. Kim: I like your idea, crying while giving explicit directions. Yes, I can't wait for the first trimester to be over, I loved the middle. It was the begining and the end that was miserable.

    Cris: You've got it, it IS worst case scenerio PMS! Although, I'm feeling A LOT better today, thank God!

  4. Good luck, as I have never been pregnant I can't even pretend to know how bad you must have been feeling. Keep up the good fight :) It'll all be a distant memory soon.

  5. you have an award waiting for you on my blogsite:

  6. Thanks everyone for the sympathy! I've been exercising religiously(but carefully) and my mood and tiredness has gotten sooooo much better!

  7. Hi Cheeky Greek....I love your blog. I hope you don't mind if I follow this interesting and insightful peek into your world.
    If you have a spare minute, have a little peek into mind when you can.
    Don't worry about your tears......they cleanse the eyes and the soul ;=}
    Steady On,
    Reggie Girl

  8. At least you have the "excuse" of being pregnant. I am rolling my eyes as I type that because I remember how frustrated I got when my husband broke that one out.
    Me, I am just naturally hormonal and can cry if some stranger wins a car on the price is right. no, I am not joking! I cry all the time and with no warning.And sometimes I even find it a relief so I don't seem to mind.
    I think when you are pregnant that is such the easy cop out. So just hang on, the time really does fly by and then he will come up with some new excuse for your fits of frustration. And at least then you will have this little person that looks at a picture of sleeping beauty and says "momma" (see post for the whole story) it will all be worth the tears and blow ups.

  9. You didn't puke on your keyboard and ruin it did you? I see no typey from you...

    You and your sis...were you abducted by aliens? Where are you???

  10. Hey is everything ok over at Cassoulet Cafe? And here for that matter??

  11. You haven't posted in some time...
    is everything ok?
    I miss your blogging>

  12. We are still looking for you and your sis...can't even get into her blog anymore it says you must be invited. Where did u too go????

  13. Oh enjoy yourself venting out! This is the only time your husband will be patient with you and say, honey, I totally understand!!
    Your husband, btw, sounds exactly like mine!!