Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obeying Kim

So apparently I am supposed to post ten honest things about myself. Here goes:

1. I hate mayo (does that count?)

2. I put pee in my sister's shampoo when I was little. She told me there were heads under the bed, nightly.

3. I can easily scarf a bag of Kettle chips, very quickly.

4. I have only one "good" set of sheets (which are quickly deteriorating), and I put the stained pillowcase on my husband's pillow because I don't want it.

5. I put a sock over my cat's face and head because it was funny. She ran around the house backwards at full-speed.

6. I hate wal-mart, but I still shop there.

7. I have skin "issues", whiteness aside.

8. I had a parakeet when I was three and smothered it. I thought she was cold!

9. I was a crazy person when I was pregnant, sorry sis, you and "Jack" got the brunt of it and you two deserve an award just for that!

10. I HATE being interrupted or talked over, or ignored. Makes me feel like a little kid again. Although I do NOT like being the center of attention either.

One more: I like pickle juice.


  1. You must email me, so I can give you the actual award to proudly display on your blog! Then if you so wish, you may pass it on to others...

    I love olive juice; it was my drink of choice whilst battling water retention in my 1st pregnancy. It didn't help, but it tasted great!

    Pee in shampoo huh? Is she learning this for the first time???

    I am not sure I can handle being obeyed...heh heh... ;)

  2. Hmm I am filing all this away for future reference. :)) Pee in CC's shampoo huh. Your gonna pay for that I bet. :)

  3. Yes, I know the pee thing was gross, but I was a badly scorned 6 year old. She already knows about it, and I have paid for it many times, trust me!
    Kim, what's your e-mail address?

  4. You only hate mayo cuz I forced you to hate it. haha! just joking. Head in the jarrrrrrrr.
    Anyhow, apology accepted.
    Your big sis'

  5. Hop on over to my blog and my email is there! Or, you can get it from your sis, if you two are in fact speaking! (I hope so, as I could not handle being responsible for a rift between siblings!)

  6. CAnt get past the pee in the shampoo. I am sooooo glad I didnt have a sister, lol.
    Besides that I loved your list.

  7. Had to stop by and just tell you thank you sooo much. Truly, your email meant alot to me. Godbless you.